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Called to install a new 405 metres of 4c x 400mm XLPE/SWA/LSF Cable, (9 tonne Drum) 335 metres 4c x 240mm XLPE/SWA/LSF Cable 606 metres 1c x 120mm CPC EARTH 324 metres 1c x 120mm CPC EARTH 2 day red zone working close to line. Removal of troughing lids clear and protect existing cables and replacing trough lids after installations. Project completed ahead of schedule. Project included red zone working to joint 4c x 400mm Cables + 4c x 240mm Cables + single core 120mm earth cables in troughing route. Reducing through joints of 4c x 400mm to 95mm and 4c x 240mm to 95mm to trackside distribution Boards. Work overseen by 2 D&M Cabling Solutions team members.
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